Digital Ciggz is the best place to go for all your e cig hardware, from a vape tank to replacement atomizers. Our customers range from people who have never vaped to advanced vapers that have been customers for years. We are excited to share our high quality e liquids and vaping hardware with the online community, whatever your vaping level.

There are numerous benefits to vaping. There’s no cigarette butt to leave littered on the ground. No smelling like an ashtray. The freedom of choosing among tons of different flavors, including sweet, sour, herbal, menthol, and traditional tobacco. You can choose your nicotine strength, use e cigs as a tool to taper off nicotine, or go completely nicotine-free. Plus, you have the ability to totally customize your equipment with a different tanks, atomizers, kits, and mods. Some people like a classic look and keep using the same type of atomizer and tank for a long time, while others like to mix it up. We encourage you to use whatever set up works for you.

Whether you're looking for an e cigarette starter kit and some advice on how to start vaping, or you're a power user that needs a replacement atomizer for your tank, Digital Ciggz is the best place to go. There’s a reason we are Northern California’s longest-standing e cigarette store: we offer excellent one-on-one service and a top-shelf selection of e liquid and hardware. You'll find our full vape tank selection on this page, or visit our flagship store on Mendocino Avenue in Santa Rosa to try our tasting bar.

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