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Customer Experience

At Digital Ciggz, we want to give our customers a memorable experience. Our knowledgeable staff loves to help hook people up with the hardware and e-liquid that's right for them, tailored to their personal taste. It's why we carry such a wide selection of high-quality products -- we want you to find your unique vaping experience here.

You'll find all the hardware, mods, and e-liquid you need to customize your personal vape, whether you want something that's easy to travel with or something that maximizes flavor. With dozens of top-shelf flavors to choose from and a tasting bar at our Mendocino Avenue store in Santa Rosa, you don't have to guess what you might like. You'll know exactly what you like after trying it out!

We'll also help you tailor your experience to meet your goals. If you'd just like to switch to nicotine e-liquid to reduce your smoke and waste production, or you'd like to gradually taper your nicotine levels down to quit, we'll get you set up. Our e-liquids come with varying levels of nicotine or completely without, so whatever you need, you'll find it.

We keep our place clean and classy, with modern furniture and glass cases so you can look over our wares. It's the same philosophy and great customer service we use in our online store -- simple, clean, and a killer selection. Our goal is to make you the happiest vaper out there, so our lines of communication are always open.