Tobacco Alternatives

Tobacco Alternatives

You have a lot of options for tobacco alternatives when you decide it's time to quit smoking cigarettes, and many of them are a whole lot healthier. While cigarettes remain the preferred method of tobacco delivery for most people, there's absolutely no getting around the fact that they're detrimental to your health, sometimes devastatingly so. In fact, after extensive appeals, tobacco companies are now going to be required to admit that smoking is deadly on national television. We all know this, and as a result, many people are looking for healthier alternatives to tobacco, whether it's a different nicotine delivery system or a nicotine free tobacco substitute.

Quality Alternatives to Tobacco

We're not here to preach, but we are here to provide the highest quality tobacco alternatives we can find to our customers. More and more ex-smokers are turning to vaping as a way to still enjoy the experience they love with far fewer dangerous side effects. We've made it our business to carefully look through all the vape pens and e-liquids on the market to select the highest quality hardware and e-juice we can get our hands on so that you can always enjoy a great product. E-liquids are awesome alternatives to tobacco that can be purchased at various nicotine levels so you can customize your experience, whether your ultimate goal is to wean off altogether or you'd like to continue enjoying it at your leisure.

These are the facts: cigarettes contain literally thousands of different chemicals, more than twenty of which have strong links to causing cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and so much more. Those chemicals come from the act of lighting the cigarette and burning its contents. Vaping, on the other hand, doesn't involve lighting or burning anything, so there's no smoke, only vapor. Most of the chemicals involved are food-grade flavorings, nicotine, carrier oils, and similar. In a 2015 study, the U.K. released a report detailing the evidence that vaping is up to 95% safer than smoking.

The evidence speaks for itself pretty clearly and we're here to help you switch whenever you're ready. Whether you just want to stop smoking cigarettes or you ideally like to quit completely, our team will help you find the tobacco alternatives that suit your tastes and needs.