Vape Liquids

Vape Liquids

One of the best things about vaping is the huge variety of vape liquids at your disposal. You can literally try a different one every day for a year and you still won’t get through all of the brands and flavors out there! E-liquid for vape pens varies widely, from nicotine-free fruit flavors to tobacco flavors made with nicotine salt, which are the natural state of nicotine from the tobacco leaf. You can truly personalize your experience to meet your exact needs, much more than you could do while smoking cigarettes. There’s a vape liquid for every situation.

Vape Liquid Available in Every Flavor

At Digital Ciggz, we choose the vape liquids we carry with a great deal of care. With so many brands on the market today, it’s personally important to us to select quality above all else, because it’s too easy to end up with subpar e-juice that will gunk up your hardware or offer lackluster flavor. There’s too much good out there to get stuck with the bad. Our staff’s tastes are all over the map, from those with a sweet tooth to those who prefer a strong menthol hit. There are several groups that e-liquid vape flavors fall into: tobacco, menthol/cooling, fruity, sweet, foody, and more. You’ll find e-juice that tastes like margarita, blueberry, cereal with milk, strawberry cheesecake, bubblegum, all-American tobacco, or practically anything else you can imagine. Whatever your tastes, there’s a liquid that will hit the spot.

Even better, most vape liquids come in several nicotine strengths so that you can adjust your vape experience to your preferences, whether that’s a certain level of nicotine or whether you’d like to wean yourself down to less nicotine over time. With studies that have stated vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking, there’s no reason not to make the switch. If you come see us at any of our Digital Ciggz locations, our team can easily set you up with a starter pack and some guidance about how to get started. Our Mendocino Avenue location in Santa Rosa also offers a tasting bar so you can take a few flavors for a test drive and get the most out of the experience.

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