XM Variable Voltage Vape Pen Battery With USB Charger

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A fantastic replacement battery for your vape pen cartridge with lots of features. The XM 280mah variable voltage battery delivers more than enough power and last extra long than a standard vape pen battery. Make sure to take advantage of the preheat feature for thicker oils.

Direction for use:

3 taps of battery to turn on

First Color RED = 2.5 volts of power ( medium heat smooth vape)

Tap button three times again to change voltage to next level.

Second Color PURPLE = 3.5 volts ( standard heat great vape more vapor)

Tap button three time again to get to next heat level

Third Color BLUE= 4.2 volts ( powerful heat max vapor!! )

Tap button three time again to TURN OFF

BONUS: Tap button twice fast at anytime to activate pre-heat mode. In this mode the battery will auto fire for about 15 sec at 2.2 volts to warm up you concentrate if it’s become too thick.